Pixelart meets Digital Printing

About 1 1/2 years ago I had the idea of creating images for print using unusual creation methods. Instead of using boring Photoshop Artworks for Sujets I had the idea of using a computer program have it create for me. The idea for the Pixolls(TM) has been born…

The Pixolls are little humanoid looking computer creatures. Their computer generated images (avatars) have a maximum dimension of 100 x 100 Pixels.

100 x 100 pixels is not much in a world of FullHD and 4K displays! Infact – its TINY!! And expression is very limited. But I remembered the days when I was a kid. My first pixel artwork was this:

A spaceship made of 3 pixels! Done on a 4 colored Laser 210 Colorcomputer by a company called „VTech“. This computer was more of a learning toy for kids. And I learned a lot from it – one of the first things I learned is how to „poke“ pixels using BASIC (a simple programming language) into the memory of the computer and make this fancy spaceships!

At this time (I was 15!) this was state of the art computergraphics! 😉 Well… computergraphics infact didnt really exist at that time – but that didnt stop me from doing my own!

One thing i found out is that instead of resolution it takes one thing you need to have to „see“ spaceships in 3 pixels:


to imagine its not 3 pixels but a fabolous spaceship with a commando-bridge and 2 jetstream rocket warp drives…

So: the more less pixels you have to express something – the more your need your imagination to inject an image (or an imagination) in your brain!

That was the challenge with the „Pixolls“ – make them look good and even a little bit sexy, by using just 100 x 100 pixels.

This is a draft for a poster or maybe a series of posters with the Pixolls as the main actors:

All the images are created using a random image generator algorithm that I wrote in Unity (a Game Engine, that supports handling of sprites). With this algorithm I can generate a whole population of 4 billion different creatures (Pixolls) by changing „properties“ on the fly.

Lets see what I will do with this whole bunch of unique creatures! Im currently working on an A1 poster that shows a small fraction of the population (about 300 on one poster). Another idea is to realize dynamic comic strips with them… lets see! 😉

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